1954-55 Chevy Pickup
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Tilt steering columns are available for original steering boxes, sub-frames, or rack and pinion front suspensions with column shift automatic, floor shift automatic, or floor shift manual transmissions. These tilt columns come in brushed or polished Aluminum and Stainless Steel, or primed for painting. A new floor bracket is included and you use your original dash bracket. These columns are covered by our Three-Year Warranty.
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NOTE: Be aware of Street Rod-type columns that do not include all the parts needed for a complete installation!
=     $895.00
=     $979.00
=     $669.00
=     $735.00
Column Shift Automatic, Primed
Column Shift Automatic, Brushed or Polished
Floor Shift Manual or Automatic, Primed
Floor Shift Manual or Automatic, Brushed or Polished
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