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MOPAR Reproduction Tilt Steering Columns
Product Details
These tilt columns are manufactured for your specific vehicle and include everything needed for installation. Features include tilt and turn signal levers, hazard flasher system and knob, necessary brackets, and the correct trunion at the lower end of the steering shaft to connect to your steering box. An energy absorbing feature is used for applications that came from the factory with that feature. The signal and horn harnesses have the correct plug-in for ease of installation. These tilt columns are covered by our Three-Year Warranty.
-Tilt and Turn Signal levers and knobs
-Cancel Cam
-Horn Contact
-Energy Absorbing Feature if needed
-Correct lower shaft design
-Easy bolt-in design
-Column Shift Automatic includes a Shifter, Trans Indicator, and Neutral Safety Switch
Notes 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11.
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All prices are FOB factory, King, NC 27021, plus shipping, handling, insurance, and applicable sales tax.
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1963-65 Dart and Valiant A-Body 1968-72 Dart and Valiant A-Body 1964-66 A&C-Body 1966-71 B-Body 1970-73 E-Body
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NOTE: 1967 and newer MOPARs are collapsable tilt columns that bolt in using your original brackets. Be aware of Street Rod-type columns that do not include all the parts needed for a complete installation!
1961-64 Ford F-100
We can add telescopic to any of our tilt columns for an additional $200.00.
Adding the telescopic option will extend the length of the column by 2-3 inches.
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