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Product Details
True RHD tilt steering columns have finally arrived! The shifter on the left and the tilt and turn on the right? Looks a little weird to us in the States but the car nuts overseas need a better option than a turned upside down column that smacks them accross the knees when they pull the tilt lever on their pride and joy.
These American made tilt columns are available for most all Chevrolet cars 1948 thru 1966, Camaros 1967 thru 1992, Chevelles 1964 thru 1988, Chevy II-Novas 1962 thru 1974, and Chevy Pickups 1947 thru 1987. We also offer these for Ford cars 1949 thru 1964, Mustang-Falcon-Comet-Fairlane cars, and Ford Pickups 1948 thru 1979. Custom built columns for other applications can also be manufactured to the customer's specs.
Options include trans indicators that read "1 2 D N R P" or "1 2 3 OD N R P", Nuetral Safety switches installed, floor brackets, column drops, remote location key ignition systems with the wiring to connect to the vehicle's original harness, and transmission linkage sets, all for the RHD customer.
Manufactured in the USA especially for overseas customers, these tilt steering colums are made using the highest quality parts and materials with a three year warranty. Finishes include primed, satin, and polished stainless and aluminum. Direct shipment to the customer is available thru UPS FedEx, or standard mail.
For additional information on these Right Hand Drive tilt steering columns or any of our extensive line of over 2,400 domestic applications and varieties, contact us by phone or e-mail.
Right Hand Drive
NOTE: Be aware of Street Rod-type columns that do not include all the parts needed for a complete installation!
All prices are FOB factory, King, NC 27021, plus shipping, handling, insurance, and applicable sales tax.
We can add telescopic to any of our tilt columns for an additional $200.00.
Adding the telescopic option will extend the length of the column by 2-3 inches.
Right Hand Drive