This 100% stainless steel round tubular radiator support comes complete with filler panels, radiator brackets, and all fasteners needed for installation. The filler panels have no holes for wiring or hoses. All supports are completely polished, front and rear. The cross bar is open at both ends to allow you to pass your wiring thru the bar from one side of the car to the other.
The crossflow aluminum radiator is polished to match the support and includes a billet cap, drain, and mounting tabs to align with the support brackets. Mounted on the rear of the radiator are a pair of SPAL 11" fans with the shroud pulling 2750 CFM. A dual relay pack with wiring controls the fan operation thru an engine mounted temp switch.
An overflow tank mounts on the passenger rear side for small block and some big block cars, and on the drivers front side for other big blocks. It is polished stainless steel with the mounts and a polished aluminum twist on cap.
The transmission cooler mounts behind the radiator in an opening between the fan shroud and the radiator end tank on the drivers side. It comes polished with mounting brackets and a pair of polished 3/8" stainless steel lines formed to route under the radiator to the rear.
With the overflow on the right and the trans cooler on the left, the package looks very balanced with the wider overflow radiator and polished support.
Also included with this package is an AC condenser with a polished stainless steel top bar. The lower brackets are polished aluminum and bolt to the lower splash pan in front of the radiator. The upper bracket is polished stainless steel and bolts to the vertical brace behind the hood latch plate.
These are only offered for installation in our shop by our trained installers. They are no longer available for owner installation. Installation labor varies with the application, engine, etc. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.
This is by far the best looking and most complete cooling package on the market, as per our customers and Dealers! More detailed pictures are available, please call.
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55-57 Chevy Stainless Steel Crossflow Radiator Support
Crossflow Radiator Support (as pictured above)
=     $3200.00
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